Signs That You Are In A Toxic Relationship


Physical Violence and Blatant fidelity are some of the signs of a toxic relationship which can easily be spotted. In fact not even these; there can be more subtle signs between you two. It’s not only about love relationships it can also be about a relationship with your colleague, best friend, and classmate any relationship. Therefore no matter what kind of relation it is, you have to pay attention to how it really makes you feel.

Read these signs which prove that you have entered a toxic relationship:-

You never talk seriously about things

A lot of times it’s the unsaid things which create distance between two people. There might be many reasons why a person doesn’t talk about big things such as, one of the person is afraid how the other would react, or maybe they don’t care about what the other one thinks.

couple not serious

Your fights are not easily resolved

Fighting is okay when both people feel better after the fight. But most of the time arguments lead to a toxic relationship. One of the person might hold on grudges if he feels that the other half doesn’t understand why they are upset and don’t even bother knowing.

Partner teases all the time

Criticizing one’s appearance and intelligence or personality in a fun and healthy way Is fine. But some people do it intentionally so as to make the other one feel less valued or important.

couple hanging out

Hanging out feels like a task

If going for a dinner date is just a routine to follow and not something which is actually fun, then that is a sign that something is wrong and things need to be changed.


One of them makes the other feel jealous

If a person is feeling insecure about the relationship and tries to flirt with someone in front of you, so as to make you feel jealous is the worst thing to do. Your partner should be brave enough to share his or her feelings about each other.


Your partner gets physical

Grabbing hands and saying ‘I’m not yet done talking to you’ or gripping face and saying ‘look at me when I m talking’ might not cause physical damage but these are behaviours which should not be taken lightly. These gestures are of an angry person trying to harm the other person.

Both of them never appreciate each other

Relationships worsen when partners start taking each other for granted. Rather showing gratitude in a relationship, in spite of experiencing distress on other areas of life brings up positivity in the relationship.

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