World Waits For New MacBook Pro Edition And 31.6 Inch 6K Monitor In 2019, Says Report


Apple has never failed to surprise its admirers. This year, it is planning for an elegant design of MacBook Pro. Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst mentioned in his note. The note was obtained by a popular online forum, MacRumors.

MacBook Pro 6K

The new innovative product lineup, as per the report, will contain professional laptops with a screen span of 16 inches and 16.5 inches. This will be the biggest screen span in the MacBook division as Apple ceased producing 17 Inches in 2012.

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This product lineup may also have a 13 inch model in the professional division with 32GB RAM. Presently, the 15-inches version can be reconfigured to avail a 32GB RAM support.

Apple introduced Touch Bar designs in 2016, four years after the Retina Display designs surfaced in the market. This design was not all appreciated by the fans and admirers from all over the world.

The keyboard in the present designs faced a lot of criticism due to unreliability and lack of feel. Apple will need a better solution to regain its popularity by introducing a surprise in its product line this year.

Apple MacBook 6K New

As per the analyst, the new Mac Pro should come with easily-upgradable components. Kuo analyzed a credible set of details regarding the monitors this product line will have.

As per his research, Apple is set to create a mark in the industry by introducing 6K display 31.6-inch monitors comprising of a mini-LED backlight design.

Apple stopped selling Thunderbolt Display back in 2016. The only monitor that modern Macs support is the 27-inch LG UtraFine 5K.

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Kuo has also prepared an analytical report comprising of clues regarding this year’s iPad and iPad lineup. It also has mentioned the description of long-awaited AirPower Charging Mat and AirPods. This year will be fascinating and eventful for Apple and its admirers.