Ways through which entry level employees can show up leadership


When you initially start a role in a company, you feel you have way to go to find that perfect leadership post or occupation. But there is a lot to being a leader rather than being a Vice president, manager or a director in your job title. And conversely you are not required to have these titles to become a leader.

Some of the experts say that the junior employees should try to lead from where they are and take initiative to be leaders with in their current roles regardless of how long they have been in that tenure.

We often equate leadership with management but the actual thing is that leaders never wait for permission or a promotion to start leading they just do it. If you waste all your quality time waiting for the approval then you might end up having no time for innovation and putting an impact.

It is said that when you can show your leadership skills in a small capacity then management would trust you more with higher level role when the right time comes.

If you can demonstrate your leadership skills in your initial stages then follow these steps right now.

Set a Standard for your current job:

When an employee is able to complete daily routine tasks successfully and still be coming up with new ideas then he is considered to have early signs of leadership. In-spite of doing what is in the job profile a leader would go above and beyond to help the team complete their task and achieve goals.

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Share your ideas:

The most important thing for making contribution towards the company is to get recognised by its leaders, sharing intelligent ideas and thoughts. One can frame the ideas in a way which reflects the goals. Do not be afraid of putting your thoughts in front. Good companies respects thoughtful and resourceful ideas irrespective of where it has come from. As at the end of the day, action speaks louder than words and hence do what you wish to and be upfront while accepting the results.

Volunteer for projects outside your regular duties:

It is said that an entry level employee should investigate opportunities around him so as to help the manager in lessening the work stress.

Very respectfully, one can ask to take up responsibilities which are annoying to them and they avoid doing. Also try to help other employees if they are stuck or if they need any kind of help. This will make you appear in the limelight to the employer. The people who proactively participate or volunteer to participate in doing some work or project, he is considered by the leaders and the managers while allotting bigger and better responsibilities.

Concentrate on the Leadership style in your organisation:

It doesn’t matter where a person stands, he can learn alot even by observing the leaders around him. An entry level candidate might not lead initially but he should always be there to observe other leaders of the company and follow them and take tips through keen observation skills. Also observe how they handle situations so that when it’s time, you are prepared to handle it.

A person should always crave for a better place than what they already have. This feeling would help you grow in life.