When you are Unproductive, Ask these Questions to Get Back on Track


You find that people around you are busy. It is easy to have a to-do list and get busy checking things off from it. But being productive is a lot harder. People who are productive have their to-do list and will only get the accurate things done. They execute work in a way that benefits the company in various ways.

You need to understand what you are doing, being busy or productive? Here are few questions to ask you to determine it and find techniques to be more successful.

Do you do things with a goal in mind?

Performing something and to perform something with a purpose is a two different perspective. When you do something, you know what to do; you should even know why to do it. The people who are highly productive have long term goals and they achieve it with little short term goals. When you truly understand what you wish to achieve from a task, it becomes easier to focus and stay productive.

Do you believe in yourself?

Being careful focused and pushing yourself hard is not easy. When you have fewer successes and takes longer time, optimism and self-confidence become crucial. This is why you will find busy people quickly giving up with an overload of work and productive people always keep going. Productive people know that trying is a constructive path to success.

Are you in control of your life?

Luck is something most people take full advantage of. Many consider luck as the key to success or blame luck if they fail. Luck does exist. However, productive people believe in the sheer outcome of hard work. They do not completely trust their luck or worry about it, they just exert their strengths and whatever the outcome, failure or success they know they are the one responsible for it. They always control their situation.

Do you multi-task?

Multi-tasking is considered unhelpful by many researchers. The people who do multi-task do a sloppy and careless job in all. However, being productive means you need to focus on doing one thing brilliantly well, to then move on to the next with ease.

Do you need help right away?

The people who are busy need help when they cannot execute a task. That is when they ask for help. As for productive people, they do not need help but they still ask for help with the utter value for the other person. Productive people believe in the capabilities and insights of the others. When you surround yourself with credible people who can inspire you, you become more productive.