Trick to do Things that You Don’t Really Want to Do


Every day we are to do certain things that most of us resist and dislike. It can be part of our routine, however, the day’s exhaustion might make us feel to just forget about it and head to lay back.

Let us take an example of the end of work day. It is ideal for you to list down the tasks for the following day and prepare a to-do list to refer to. This helps in jotting down all of the thoughts and reminders that are floating inside your brain to be documented on a paper. Clear off the computer’s desktop by deleting all the random files and documents that have been accumulated as part of the day’s work. Cleaning the work desk by throwing away bits and bobs that were scattered, snack wrappers, taking coffee mugs to sink etc.

So as you read did you find yourself hating to do all of these things? Or do you already have to do similar tasks and you completely neglect it.

So the fact is that all of us are completely burnt out with the particular day’s work. All you rather want to do is shut the computer off and run home or jump onto the bed. Isn’t it a very tempting idea? So how do we just get ourselves to do the necessary things that we really can’t stand doing?

Always consider your tomorrow.

Now, think it this way, when you get things done today, how glad you will be tomorrow that half of the tasks were made easy for you, just because you managed to do things today.

You love and care about yourself when you think you just want to plunge into a warm bath than tidy up or organize work for tomorrow. But remember you love and care about the future you just the same way. In fact, in the future, you rather wish to be happier than today and find more things to finish off with for more opportunities to flow in. Thus, today gives you plenty of chances to make things happen for tomorrow.

This is an idea to inspire you to many things so that you are able to do things today that you avoid. For instance, when you don’t want to work out or go to the gym. But doesn’t it feel so good to see you are burning those calories and feeling healthy?

This is a mental trick that helps you do things that keep you covered for tomorrow. And it sets you up for success. Bring this little trick into your life and implement the changes you need to benefit your tomorrow.