Tips for Working Mothers Who Want to Work from Home


Working from home means working from a place that feels more comfortable to carry out professional tasks that otherwise is performed in a confined office environment. Work telecommunication is not a new thing and more and more people are attracted towards it. And the majority of the professionals who want to stay home and manage their business work are working mothers.

There is no surprise why a working mother would go for working from home. It becomes more convenient for her to manage things at home as well as perform work tasks and provides her flexibility.

However, convenient it may seem it does have its challenges tagging along. It becomes tough to balance work and supervising household chores and domestic needs. Working mothers are well aware of the compromises they will have to make in the long run but despite being all optimistic the balancing act becomes very difficult.

Not everyone can handle two jobs simultaneously like a working mother, including all men and women. A working mother can never have time to relax as there is a constant flow of work for her and tasks or errands can pop up any time of the day. Things might go out of control and her job is never done.

Working on an independent level a working mother has to set her own rules while keeping a close eye on the domestic spaces. It is difficult but not impossible, there is nothing working mothers cannot do or accomplish. Working mothers do not have to worry much because there are ways to cope with both of their lives in symbiotic harmony.

Here are some tips to help you if you are working mother who has chosen to work from home.

Avoid household distractions as much as possible

It will be tough to work around your children needing your constant supervision. When they are at their school you can get done as much as possible easily but during their summer leaves, it can become hectic.

To be able to work more even when kids are home, make them understand that in order to complete your work and provide them with the full attention you will first need to accomplish your daily work tasks for which they need to give you some time alone. You can ask them to play outside the house to avoid distractions from them.

Stick to a comfortable daily routine

You need to find comfort in the small things of your daily routine to keep you stimulated and gives you clarity of what you wish to achieve in a day. When you stick to a daily schedule you are able to focus on priorities.

If you are someone who cannot start a day without a cup of coffee make sure you schedule it for each day that you wake up and first go to the kitchen to brew some coffee. Anything that helps you get through the day should become a pattern for you to perform daily and it will make you more productive and comforting.

Make sure you clear your to-do list every day

When you have pending work from your to-do list it makes you more stressed. When you haven’t got done from your given workday’s tasks you know you have to manage your time better. There is no point in accumulating tasks which can later affect your household responsibilities.

Never push any work for your weeknights as that is the time you need to bond with your family and which is the perfect time of the day when they need your attention the most.

Prioritize each task according to the level of importance and choose quick and easy tasks first for completion. This will help you to then have ample of time for the assignments that require more consideration and time.

Strategize meeting schedules

Sometimes, the meeting becomes inevitable for work to progress. When you know you will have to attend a meeting start preparing beforehand. Make sure your family members know that you will have to be attending a meeting on a particular day for a certain period of time on that day.

This ensures they will not disturb you for that time of the day and schedule things with you skipping that time. If you know you will be late prepare the meal in advance and store it in the refrigerator so your family can reheat and eat it.

It is okay to hire a domestic help

Many hesitate to hire domestic help, but if you have the financial resources then you should go ahead and do so. A full-time housekeeper or a nanny can help you share some burden and decrease the tasks from your plate a little.

You get more time and energy to accomplish more things which are quite helpful and so you should not be ashamed of hiring a help. An extra hand especially if you have more than one kid can be relaxing to sort chores like cooking and cleaning.

You can discuss with your family first and then settle on hiring a help. Your family should agree upon getting someone’s help as there will be a stranger coming into the house to do the daily chores.

When they do agree, make sure your next step that is getting a nanny or housekeeper is vigilant. Double-check the references you receive for potential housekeeper candidates and talk to them one on one before finally settling on the right one to hire for the job.