Tips to spot the right candidate for the job


What are the things a recruiter should notice in a candidate for the initial stages of hiring process? How do you rate a candidate before calling him for the interview? Wont it be amazing to have all the information about the candidate prior to the interview? These questions would make the hiring process simpler.

For any given recruiter the big question which lies infront of him is How can we spot the right candidate? Caliber is what an interview checks before calling him for a face to face interview. Some of the basic indicators are helpful in identifying the best suitable employees who are worth recruiting whereas screening out the others who look genuine initially but wont actually perform well in the company later.

Here we are making the tough job easier for you by giving you tips on how to spot a right candidate for the job.

Good candidates Always look genuine:

A person can easily spot a genuine candidate when only in the initial stages. This person wont look desperate for the job and would have a different level of self confidence in them. They would be smart enough to deal with seriousness and would possess good etiquettes.

Analyse the seriousness of the candidate:

An awesome way to gauge is to check how well they have prepared themselves. Have they come with an extra CV, plenty of questions, or a Business plan for the company. Have they studied about the company and the interviewers they would be meeting. They should be filled with curiosity to know about the company in a same way as you are about their qualifications.

Good Candidates Showcase their measurable results:

A Quality candidate at the former position should be able to demonstrate measures results, and should be able to figure out the best ways to improve the productivity and function of their former place of business.

Avoid Job Hoppers:

Always look for an employee who is ready to be with the company for more than 2 years. Do an analysis of the candidate if they’ll be stable throughout the tenure. Also know about his views upon what he thinks about the role and promotions.

A great thing to do before going out to take Interviews is to find out what are the traits which you like in the best employees of your company. Now jot down those traits and remember looking for those traits in the aspirants. And your most successful employee should be your template for the interview.