Tips on setting Personal boundaries on a new job


When a person starts up a new job he naturally looks for situations where he can impress the new boss. And in order to do that one might volunteer to stay back late nights doing extra hours or extra work. But this way he sets the expectation level high for the recruiter and the colleagues.

Saying yes to Challenges is a rare tendency in Employees. But employees with this tendency are asked when there are better opportunities coming up. Learn how to get your colleagues respect your energy and time, without looking less enthusiastic while contributing to the team.

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Constant communication:

Whether it’s your work life or your personal life, you should always remember to communicate all your responsibilities to others who rely on you. A lot of times people tend to violate your boundaries until and unless they are told about it.

Therefore always set boundaries for your colleagues as well as your loved ones.

Use ‘No! but..’

When you are requested to do something and you can use the ‘No But..’ strategy here. A refusal in a polite manner and followed by a suggestion you were willing to take is a good idea to stay loyal to the person who expects.

Such as when your employer asks you to do a presentation you can say, “Oh! I’m so sorry but i have already committed someone for this weekend hence I won’t be able to commit you for this. But surely would give feedbacks once I’m done with the day if it’s helpful to you.”

Saying this would not create a wrong impression on the employer whereas you would also look respectful towards your work and your boss.

Consider the boundaries and expectations of others:

Setting up your own boundaries must be important but it doesn’t mean that everyone else would leave their work just to accommodate with you on your first day.

Initially when you join a company you and your colleagues have different mindsets and different perceptions about things.

Be as transparent as possible:

Your colleagues and your employer are not suppose to know where exactly you are at every moment but still giving timely explanations about your unavailability will give them an idea that you are actually busy and you are not just trying to shirk your responsibilities to the company.

By Effectively saying ‘Why’ and ‘When’ you are not available would give your co-workers and your boss a transparency and it wont look like you are less enthusiastic. And when it really counts, like when there is any client meeting or any event, come up with all preparation and make yourself count. Manage your initiatives by helping others once you are done with your work. This would show you are collaborative and a team player.

Decide how you want to blend up your time:

The time when there were no Wifi’s and internet connections ‘work’ and ‘home’ had two different boundaries. Due to the availability of network and internet one is always connected and this is known by everyone whether it’s your boss, your colleague, or your client. Therefore rather than achieving true work and life balance, it has become more like managing how to blend time and how much time you are ready to give outside work timings.

Simple way to manage time between work and home is to unplug from work once you get back home. And setting this boundary should be done on the very initial stage of joining a new job.