Things to check before accepting a job offer!


Looking for a job may be a tough task, but what is more gruelling is deciding what to say to a job offer in hand. When you are considering a job offer you don’t only check how much you’ll be getting, there are other aspects as well which are to be considered.

Check out these things Before taking a job offer:-

Growth Opportunities:

Growth refers to learning new things at every stage. It doesn’t mean 5 years of experience repeated 5 times. Learning new things and having better opportunities further ensures a better career.

Company’s growth and attrition rate:

One can ask the interviewer about the company’s growth and future goals. Growth can be measured in terms of the size of employee size, increase in turnover or revenue or increase in profit. Also, knowing the attrition rate is also very important in short term.

Current Boss or Current Team:

One should pro-actively ask about the current boss and current team leaders, a typical work day or some good practices they usually follow. By this, you will get an idea about if you would want to work with the team or not.

Work life balance:

Check whether the work Culture would need you to make changes in your daily routines, your work timings, travel, or commute and are you ready for it? If you are required to make alot of changes in your daily habits, then you should probably think again about this job opportunity.

Salary, perquisites, designation and benefits:

Salary is the main concern and one should get atleast 25% to 50% hike on their current salary package.

Check out your Tax implications and if the new salary structure helps in tax saving, it is all better.

Work Culture:

Ask your employer about work practices, how they pursue employee engagements and celebrations on events. Employer might show this through photos and videos.

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Company’s Brand Value:

Your basic career prospects also depend on how much brand value the company holds in the market. Working in a company that holds low brand value would land you in similar kind of organisations.

Financial health of the company:

No one wants to work in an organisation where their is no scope and is facing downfall according to financial prospects. You will then have to face problems searching for a new job.

Role in the company:

See if your role is important to the company and is Interesting as well, then you are at a safe side. The importance of the role will lead you to less chances of getting fired.