Things the Best Candidates Have in Common


You always make it to an interview due to your skills and qualification. But once you are being interviewed you find yourself stalling out when it comes to making it through to get an offer. Ever wonder why?

Being qualified for a job position is not enough to conquer over the competition. You need to give the hiring manager some strong reasons to fight for you when it comes down to just two qualified candidates.

You need to consider the other human. You need to build a real connection with your hiring manager or interviewer.

The best candidates who have landed an offer usually do the following things.

Make the reasons clear why they fit the position

It is easier to consider an interview like a test and prepare just like it with the perfect answers. However, you might sound just like the other candidates.

Whenever a question is asked try to tell your story rather giving the patent answers like any other candidate. Even if you feel that it may be irrelevant to the position you are applying for it may generate some interest from the hiring manager. They might find something relevant and this way they get to know you better.

Give personal touches when answering to questions like why you choose to work with ‘XYZ Company’. Answer what personally interests you in applying to the particular company. Genuine responses are appreciated than “perfect” answers.

They always listen

You surely are nervous and tend to delve into your own thoughts. You keep contemplating what your next move or words should be while ignoring what the interviewer shares with you. You are too much occupied in anticipating the next questions whilst ignoring what actually the interviewer is trying to say.

Make it a two-way conversation. Ask questions back. Clear your doubts on the spot. If you did not understand something ask the person to explain further. You can actually figure out an answer rather than just brushing off the question altogether.

They Write a Thoughtful Thank You Note

If you haven’t already sent a thank you note, start preparing one. However, if you have how about rectifying it?

It is always ideal to refer to something from the interview in the follow-up note. This shows that you were indeed listening and active during the interview. Mention something you learned. Or write about a topic that both the hiring manager and you agreed on.

Try to reinforce the conversation you build during the interview. Between, “thank you for giving me the opportunity…” and “looking forward to hearing from you… ”, refer to something thoughtful that was discussed between you and the interviewer.

Consider the interview as more of an open conversation. Listen, interpret, answer and question back. You cannot just reach passed the hiring manager; you need to build a connection with them. Just displaying your passion and skills to them will not be enough to top their list of candidates. Give them something to remember you by.