Things You Should Avoid Doing That Drives Interviewers Nuts


Some things that candidates do annoy interviewers to the point they don’t want to further keep them for the running. So what triggers the interviewers to go nuts and if you are going for a job interview what are the things you should avoid.

Arriving super early

Arriving late is definitely disrespectful to the interviewer’s time and you will be considered stupid. But even showing up early makes you look like a jerk as arriving more than five or ten minutes before your interview you are putting pressure on the person to drop whatever they are wrapping up and immediately deal with you. Or they keep feeling the guilt of having to make you wait.

On other thoughts, you may show that you have absolutely nothing else to do in your life and so you will just be there half an hour early to wait for the interviewer to finish. In such cases, before even showing up go hang somewhere or refresh your thoughts.

You act like a robot

These days we have so much information to prepare for the interview that we end up being over-rehearsed. If you are someone who knows all the common questions and prepares them in front of a mirror you may think you are getting on top of things but you are at a high risk of coming across as robotic.

Also, you might seem detached and failing to build a genuine conversation which makes the interviewer think you are actually disinterested.

There’s something like TMI

Even when you are interviewing for a fun loving, freewheeling organization the fact that it is an interview shouldn’t be forgotten. Sharing too much of your information about how you run the red light so that you could be on time or how you had fun last weekend. Being friendly and conversational doesn’t mean you should leave professionalism behind.

You are an obvious WIIFM

In an interview, you need to showcase your skills, assets, and talent and how they can help the company grow and the business improve. Surely you need to know your own benefits but in the early interview stages asking questions about what’s in it for me you come off as unappealing.

You miss saying thank you

Thank you note after the interview is inevitable but genuine thank you for finishing up with the meet can go a long way. You need to be grateful for their time that they invested in giving you a chance for an employment opportunity.