These interview mistakes women generally make


There are a lot of things to be considered while going for an interview. One has to be prepared for the cross questions the interviewers might ask, wearing appropriate clothes, confidence while meeting prospective employees.

Women generally face a lot of questions regarding their personal life. Here are some common mistakes women make while hunting for jobs. Continue reading to know more

Not being prepared for personal questions-

Doing some groundwork before going for an interview is really important. Women in our society are asked a lot of personal questions; therefore they should prepare themselves for those questions. Also a person who has some knowledge about the company and the employer can be consulted for gaining insight.

One of the HR’s from an organization says that women are asked a lot of personal questions such as their marriage plans or motherhood plans. These questions are annoying on one side and on other side these also give strength to answer such questions. A really good response to such questions is, “as I don’t see my personal situations changing in this short span, I assure that I will be there to help the company to work through the situations efficiently.”

Lacking clarity in expectations-

For the mothers who are working or for those who have some expectations to fulfill at home, it is important to be clear about one’s expectations and availability. There had been many situations where women are asked to travel a lot in their work field or they are expected to work for long hours, in that case women start talking about their personal situations at home which is merely not needed. Rather one can simply specify how one can fulfill the job role under certain limitations.

Low self-confidence or Defensive attitude-

Corporate are looking for employees who are self confident and can adapt to various situations in a right way. Women at times fail to show this confidence in their own capability, and especially in terms of drop outs. Sometimes women when asked about their gap in career, state a vague answer such as “its personal”. But at times the gap is of 4 years which means she will have to start fresh.

Instead of getting defensive over such questions, one can simply prepare an explanation, such as how you have kept yourself updated etc.

Dress code for women-

When going for interviews, the perfect way to make an impression infront of the interviewers is to dress in right attire. You should look smart enough in whatever you wear, whether it is Indian or Western, but something which is appropriate.

Wearing clothes which are loud in color and shimmery, chunky jewelry, golden or silver shimmer purse, wearing strong perfumes are just not appreciated by the interviewers. Women should learn the dress culture in a corporate organization. Other than that fumbling around, wiping the face or adjusting their dresses are also not appreciated as these all are signs of stress.

Taking the home along-

It is difficult to draw a firm line between home and work. A lot of times it has been observed that the women come up for interviews lost in their daily routine. Therefore it is very important to leave all the personal problems home and come up with a fresh mind. Looking attentive is also a positive point that interviews notice.

Now next time when you are called up for an interview, you should keep in mind the tips given above. Be prepared, dress well, look confident and go for it.