The New Feature Of WhatsApp To Avoid Fake News And Rumors


There is a new feature coming up in the instant messaging app, WhatsApp, which can bind to some extent when it is fake news and information sharing. According to a report from WABetainfo, the Whatsapp label is making the feature even better. To let you know that to prevent Fake News, WhatsApp gave the label feature on the forwarded links, i.e. any delivered content would have been written that it has been forwarded.WhatsApp Data Facebook

Now the company will improve the label of the forwarded message. Under this, the messages which are going to be forwarded more and often will be labeled Frequently Forwarded message. So that those people who will receive the message can understand that it is a forwarded message and check its credentials before relying on it.whatsapp-fake-news

This forwarding characteristic of WhatsApp will tell users how many times the message has been forwarded. This information will be in the Message of Individual Chat and it will be in sent Message only. If users want to know how many times their messages have been forwarded, they will have to forward one more time and check from here.

Talking about the frequent forwarding feature, if users get more than four times forward messages then these users will see a special message. For this, Whatsapp will show the Forwarded Tag on the top left corner of the particular message. Clearly, the purpose of the company is to tell people that this message is being forwarded too much. So that users can check fake content.Instagram Facebook WhatsApp

In order to prevent Fake News, incorrect information and sharing of incorrect political information on Whatsapp, the developers of this application is using the Artificial Intelligence Based Tech, which detects and removes the profile of such content. Since Whatsapp is secured and encrypted, it is not possible to find the origin of that fake messages which are being circulated.

Earlier, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad warned WhatsApp that strict action must be taken on people spreading fake news. After the news of continuous linking, Whatsapp gave a message to the government about the steps taken to prevent fraudulent reports and irresponsible messages.