The Mini E Is Coming: BMW To Enter The Electric Car Market With The Mini Cooper ‘Electric’!


BMW is on a spree of lethal launches since the last couple of years and this time the news is big. And, it was perhaps likely because it was lately losing on its market shares with Audi on a global scale. The premium brand also extended its dealerships and service points to enhance the horizons of its brand footprints.

Now that Tesla is going over fourth with their electric cars which are not only fuel efficient but also less on maintenance and aftersales costs, it was anticipated to big mainstream companies to foresee the future of the four-wheeler industry.

We’ve known for a while that a BMW electric mini is on its way, but the Mini Cooper Electric (Mini E) Test Mule has emerged on the test.

Had it not been for the stickers that clearly indicate that it is an ‘Electric Test Vehicle’, one might have mistaken it for just another oddly coloured Mini. Cosmetically, it would appear, that the Mini uses the same body shell as the regular Mini. Keep in mind, that companies use similar body shells so as not to give away the plot on a test vehicle.

The major change on the traditional Mini silhouette is the grille, which like the Mini Concept is a flat-ish design, which is part and parcel of the Electric car driving experience. Another noticeable difference is the fact that the electric Mini is wider than your standard Mini and has shorter overhangs with a taller mid-section.

Mini officials have already announced in the past that certain design tweaks will make it to the otherwise unique EV, these are accented by smooth panel surfaces and sleeker touches like the door handle, all which have been done to boot efficiency and aerodynamics.

The Mini EV will share its powertrain with the tech extracted from the groups BMW i3. Which means that we could be looking at a 300km + range, DC fast-charging compatibility and is likely to propel the i3 from nought to 100 in 7.5 seconds. And, that is fast.

The car is heavy on security and is said to be one of the most sound cars to mind your health, taking the game to an extent of introducing an exclusive AI configuration to kick in for making the entire car voice controlled and semi-auto navigated.

Although it is likely that the German-sourced powertrain will continue to be built in Germany and will find it’s way onto the Mini at their plant in Oxford. The Mini EV is likely to make a worldwide debut in 2019, making it to Indian loam in the forthcoming set of 365 days.