Swiggy left red faced as a consumer shares a traumatic experience on Facebook


    Swiggy, a company valued at 1.3 billion dollars disregarded and by extension angered its huge customer base in the capital city. It all started when a group of Swiggy delivery boys vandalised a shop at Kalkaji and fled after thrashing a boy with steel rods and punches.

    Kanav, who is a resident of Delhi was thrashed with iron rods and sticks by a couple of Swiggy delivery boys at a food joint, Delhi 19 situated in Kalkaji. At an argument on parking space with the owner of the food joint, the delivery boys vandalised the joint too.


    According to one of the post’s on Facebook written by Monica Arora a friend of the victim, ” Over 40 SWIGGY delivery boys misbehaved by vandalising the eating joint “DILLI 19″ in Kalkaji late night on Sat, 14th July. Customers escaped through the back door of the kitchen, but Kanav was caught by the Swiggy boys assuming he’s the part of the restaurant team and severely beaten up by the steel rods and punches.”

    The boy was then rushed to a hospital nearby. He is stable now according to the reports. However, this incident leaves a great blot on the reputation which Swiggy enjoys, he boy was rushed to a nearby hospital and is reportedly stable now. However, this incident leaves a huge blot on the market reputation that Swiggy enjoys, especially in the city. This post got around 115 reactions, 134 comments, and over a 100 shares or so, with netizens sharing the anger and pain of the victim in the comment box.

    Media veteran, Dilshad Master Kumar shared the post on which Swiggy replied with the follow

    How the brand tackles the situation hereon will define what this instance means to Swiggy – a full blown crisis or an instance to learn from?