Get Inspired By The Success Stories Of These Small Town Entrepreneurs


Success stories are inspiring and act as a catalyst for all those who want to chase their dreams and fulfill them.

Time and again, it has been observed that people move from small towns to big cities to fulfill their dreams, with nothing more than their talent in hand. These places often promise them of providing essential elements that convert their dream into reality and ultimately lead a better life. 

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Here are the success stories of four small-town entrepreneurs who made it big!

Manavjeet Singh of Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

Hailing from a small town Nahan in Himachal Pradesh, Manavjeet Singh has proved that no boundaries can stop you if you aspire to dream big and turn it into reality. Currently operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad with over 27,000 applications generated so far, Rubique, the FinTech disruptor has processed loans worth over 310 crore and more than 8,000 credit card setups since inception. 

It aims to win over more financial institutions in the country, keeping the key element of ‘convenience’ as its core.

With a dream to own a “Contessa”, Manavjeet Singh landed in Mumbai from a town where the total human population is just 28,899. The passion to make it big has made him work with some of the best brands like CITI, HDFC Bank, Reliance Capital and Yes Bank.

“I always wanted to make it big. And after working for almost 25 years in the corporate field, I realized that to disrupt the market practices and implement new ideas, you need a blank canvas on which you could draw a picture suited to the needs of the consumer. And that’s how my entrepreneurial journey started,”

said Singh, CEO and Founder of Rubique.

Kaushal Dugar of Siliguri, West Bengal

Kaushal Dugar, a serial entrepreneur came back to his hometown to enter into the tea business, and today he is turning the small young green leaf into a delicious drink. 

He came back to Siliguri and decided to work for his older brother who runs a tea export business.

“Working there showed me the other side to the business, from what I had seen with my father – I saw the infrastructure that was being used to take the tea from gardens to the consumer and was surprised at how dated it was. And in these challenges, I saw a great opportunity for a change,”

said, Dugar.

Today the startup, Tea Box, is backed by JAFCO Asia, Accel Partners, Keystone Group LP and Dragoneer Investment Group. Apart from this they have so far shipped over 35 million cups’ worth of tea to customers in over 94 different countries.