How to Dressup For Different Types of Job Interviews


Everyday decision to pick the right clothes and get dressed is stressful enough and it becomes worse when there’s an interview involved. With looking professional, you have to look like a good fit for the company and its culture. Sadly, you cannot expect one outfit to suit for all interview scenarios. You will have to tailor your clothing choices according to the type interview and business.

Here are few relevant styling tips to help you decide what to wear for different types of job interviews.




You know internships will help you develop your career and so you have to dress for the occasion keeping that in mind. Firstly consider the type of company you are applying to. If it is a formal business then a white shirt and black pant will be your best bet. If the company is a startup you have the option of being creative and casual. Mostly go for something that looks professional and smart.


Casual or informal doesn’t give you the green signal to wear your loungewear or gym clothes to the interview. You will have to appear polish and neat for any kind of interview to make a good impression, which means you need to dress up a little so that you don’t appear sloppy. So you may not wear a suit but wear a blouse and pants or a pencil skirt to help you get the position.



For this type of interview, it is best to be basic and conservative. Tailored pants, pencil skirt, with a shirt and blazer give you an excellent outfit. Or a structured dress, as long as it is office appropriate can also be your outfit option. Remember to go for colors like navy and dark grey to make you look business ready at the same time appear a little more approachable than the color black.


You need to be dressed up in your best office wear. A pantsuit will be an excellent choice. Pair it with high heels and a collared shirt to make you look powerful and professional. And to build an outfit for a sharp and sophisticated aesthetic it is better to stick to the neutral color palette. Your chances extend to black, grey and white and can be worn as black hues or as a traditional check or stripe pattern.

Skype/ Video 

You still need to dress to impress regardless of the interview being via Skype rather in person. You have to look sophisticated. You should avoid sweatpants too because if the interviewer gets a glimpse of them your chances of nailing the interview will be ruined. Also, avoid any distractions such as patterns, large visible jewelry, low cut tops, vibrant shades like red or magenta. Pick outfit with colors like navy or sky blue to have a perfect appearance.


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