Stop Feeling Guilty About Leaving Your Job!


You found the better opportunity at another company and made it to getting the offer. You are all excited about this new career milestone that you will be crossing. This is your ideal job!

You have managed to inform your current employer about the same. Everything seems to be in place and working just fine until guilt starts poking you from nowhere.

You feel uncertain about your decision. You feel guilty about leaving your teammates at a point where they cannot function a day without you. You feel uncomfortable being at your current job and want to stay invisible till you complete your notice period.

Surely you have the feeling of guilt for leaving your job which must have been great for your career. Indeed, it must have been a learning experience or must have brought extensive value addition to your professional life as a whole. You have grown close to your current teammates and the employer.

But unless you cannot leave the current company with head held high with your exceptional work, you need to stop feeling that guilt. Here’s why.

Every Professional Needs to Grow


You might think that your teammates and supervisor are upset and irritated about your departure. But do realize it is short-term trouble for them. Every professional including your colleagues and higher ups need professional growth, development, and change of responsibilities. All of them aspire to be able to take on new challenges. This is what is expected from a professional. Perhaps your colleagues want to be in your shoes at this exact moment.

Consider the Company in Your Shoes

If the present company was facing with financial cut-offs and needed layoffs putting your job at stack as well, would they be feeling guilty? Surely on a personal level, they might feel responsible; however, they cannot just stroll around in the rain of remorse before informing you. Businesses have their peaks and valleys and call for tough decisions to be made. You will be expected to understand the situation. Likewise, your employer understands your decision to help and improve your own career.

Holding on with Guilt Will Do No Good

Surely, you are guilty and suppose if you stay back. Having to let go good openings and secure jobs will make you resentful of your current workplace. You will become unproductive which is neither good for your career nor for the employer. This will substantially have negative impacts for the employer.

Guilt Spoils the Thrill You have for the Last Rest of the Weeks


This period is all about making the most of the last days at your old job. Wish your best regards to the colleagues you enjoyed working with. Speak up with the clients you handled. Shrug off the guilt and enjoy the last hours at your old workplace as you will not be able to find any time once you have started up with your new job.