Some Common mistakes over which even smart people lose their jobs


Can you guess why smart people don’t realize that they are going to be fired? Possibly they were doing an excellent job and because of that they might have ignored the loopholes which caused their ship to sink suddenly. Check out these Silly mistakes people make and how to take care of them before the hardship strikes.

Gossiping with your co-workers all the time:

Gossiping with team members or colleagues might just lead you to trouble, as it just kills time and also annoys the colleagues and is not tolerable in any organization.

Keeping poor personal hygiene:

If you go through your offer letter properly you will see that a lot of employees are hired on an “at will” basis. This term indicates which a recruiter can fire you on any reason other than discrimination bases. A company can fire an employee on hygiene bases.

Consistently coming late to office:

You may be an asset for the company but reaching late at work constantly can’t be accepted by the organization. It might be considered against the company culture, as others might also start doing the same which can be bad for the organization. Rules should forever remain the same for every person in the company.

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Giving false information on your application:

It may be a tough task as the companies check all the details and verify the background information. If a person is found accountable for mentioning fake information about the previous designation or salary or anything related, the company can sue the person for doing so. Therefore staying true is the best way to deal with organizations and is the safest step one can take.

Calling in for a sick leave and then posting about how the day was well spent:

This is not a mistake but childishness. Calling in for a sick day and then posting party pictures enjoying in a bar on social media handles is a strict no-no and might land you in trouble. If you have your colleagues or your boss on your social media handles, you have asked for trouble in your life. This is considered to be the silliest thing to do.

Your boss might not forgive you for lying to him or he might show you the after effects when its time for appraisal. Are you ready to take this step? Think twice before doing that.