Social media do’s and don’ts during a job search


There are several social media sites which may assist you in finding a job or connecting with people. Although it works both ways round. When social media is useful in some way, it can also have a negative affect if we think the other way round. It is necessary to be attentive and think of proper ideas to ace a job through social platforms.

Don’t spend time with your boss’s dime-

The obvious thing a person does while searching for appropriate jobs in search of vacancies which are matching the search criteria and then applying to them, talking to the HR’s of different firms and uploading or sending resume. A lot of people monitor through its employees and hence applying to jobs from the office computer or account is not advisable.

Don’t connect everyone-

Though it is assumed that one should connect with everybody on social platforms but quality is more important than quantity. Before connecting to people just analyze whether he or she is capable of helping you in any sense or is he useful in getting a job? If not! Move on.

Give to get-

The more you are useful for others the more they’ll be of your use. Manage some time out to connect with people in your profile. Giving to get is a great theory if applied. Start recommending on LinkedIn, introduce people to other people, and share some piece of advises or work. This way you might get great favor in return.

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Build network in advance-

Build network prior to any situation when you need to. Create connections in your industry or field of career. Talk to connections on LinkedIn or Twitter. This would help you when you accidently lose your job or want to change your job, as you can get a job easily.

Google your name to know what’s on social media-

Sometimes typing name on Google displays variety of information about the person. This is how a recruiter can take out secret information which you might have thought of keeping it as a secret.

Be consistent-

Check if your qualifications in the resume have the same information that you have in your facebook or linkedIn profile. The bad part is if your dates or designations in your documents don’t tally, it might create great amount of trouble.

Create an online presence-

When you are in search of a job and you are willing to get a career growth, online presence plays a great role in this case. The online social media pages would help you in connecting with contacts and they would also assist you in searching for an opportunity to grow their career ladder.