Simple Tips to Help Your Negotiation Skills and Win Salary Discussions


A survey conducted recently by JobBuzz which is an employer’s rating platform powered by Timesjobs showed that 95% of the participants believed their salaries were not as per the market standards.

It is not optional to negotiate salary while accepting a job it is essential. In a recent study conducted among 1000 employers and employees, 84% employers said that they expect job applicants to negotiate salary always during the final interview. The current salary will determine your future salaries too.

In case you are a poor or not a negotiator here are tricks to get exactly what you want.

Offer call

Make use of the offer call or email attentively. Since it’s your first interaction you are not expected to give your salary expectation. When you are asked to, politely ask them to send them all details of the job profile and convey that you need to study it.

This is also a perfect opportunity to ask about other benefits offered by the company such as vacation time, signing bonus and moving allowance. Freshers and employees with hourly pay may not get all of these benefits offered, some companies do offer to add as much as 50% of the in hand salary. If you are moving to a new city moving bonuses are worth bringing up.

How much you are worth

Understand the job description and what is expected of you well. You can reach out to a fellow professional with an experience similar to yours and know what they are getting paid. If you get in touch with an employee of the company you are applying then it can be good for you. The best way to determine your salary is to ask for 15% to 30% more than what you are currently earning.

Now you can consider the amount they are ready to pay. If their initial offer is half of the amount you expected, no negotiation voodoo can help you. Your expected amount finally should be based on data about company and facts and really ambitious and realistic.

During the face to face, interview share your expectations

When you pass all the rounds and finally discuss the details here is when you will be asked: “what are your salary expectations?”

To this, you can cross-question asking for the standard salary range for someone in the same position. Experts believe in letting your employers quote the offer first. This will give you an idea of the difference between your calculated amount and their offer.

There are chances that the employer doesn’t want to go through the whole process of hiring again and would rather negotiate or even accept your offer if you convince them enough that you will prove to be an asset to the organization. You could say that considering the responsibilities based on my profile we should work a slightly different package which works for both of us.

In the end, you will be the one who needs to accept or decline the offer. Let your final offer be well researched and not unrealistic or stubborn. Walk out with grace and gratitude if things don’t go as expected which will tempt the employer to offer potential opportunities to collaborate.