Side Effects Of Workouts That We Face In Gym


Physical fitness is a very important thing and every person should be fit enough to have a healthy and smooth going life. There are several benefits of working out which includes improvement in the efficiency of other organs, brain development, helps remain fit and achieve the perfect shape of the body., slows down the ageing process and helps to get tougher. Many people experience unusual things in their body which are mostly the symptoms of excessive physical activity. One has to be prepared for it beforehand.

Here are some very common side effects of excessive physical exercises and how to cure them:

  1. Nausea

This is a very common side effect of excessive exercising. Shaking of organs inside the body or the blood outflow from the stomach can cause unpleasant sensations like these.

Remedy: Don’t eat much fibre on the day of workout. If you feel nausea you can sip water or any sports drink. Eating chewing gum or candy can also energies you to an extent.

2. Ice cold belly

A lot of blood is stored in the muscles than in the internal organs. Muscles produce a lot of heat that the skin produces. Therefore the stomach might feel cold.

Remedy: This is a very normal thing and once the training is done, the sensation would go away.