Scientific Ways Of Tackling Workplace Stress: A Wellness Expert’s View


The 9 to 6 jobs are quite overwhelming for a person to tackle the pressure. The relentless workplace stress to meet the ends takes a toll on the majority of the urban population.

Even if modern life is clad with luxuries, amenities, and technology, it seems full of stress at the end of the day.

Work stress anxiety

Research suggests workplace anxiety and depression are the rising cause of various physiological and psychological anomalies. Over 300 million professionals suffer from work-related depression. The report also states that 50% of the depression cases go overlooked and untreated.

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The volume of anxiety affected population is 260 million worldwide. The lack of encouraging ambiance and fostering environment fuel these unnecessary health issues.

WHO defines workplace stress as a response afflicted by professionals when exposed to excessive work pressure and demands that do not match their abilities and knowledge.

The increasing demand for productivity, fast-paced work, cost-cutting, downsizing, fewer resources, etc sum up to create the root cause of workplace anxiety or stress. Behavioral changes are witnessed among peers, colleagues, and seniors in this malicious environment.

The question is how to tackle such situations when you cannot avoid going to work. Here are the ways as per the wellness experts.

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle can bring down health to its knees. Physical exercise and activities increase the level of happy hormones. Sports with peers escalate the level of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins and aids in reducing cortical hormones or stress hormones.

  • Reduce technology engagement and screen time

Hours of gawking on the screen and involving more in technology are the new black of 21st Century. Minimizing screen time will elevate mood. Experts suggest pursuing a hobby, listening to music, or engage in any entertainment that does not include technology to relieve stress.

workplace anxiety stress

People talk less and work more these days. Sharing ideas, caring for others and speaking up will provide a fostering environment to bring a brilliant change in the behavior. Listening is a good habit. Bonding with colleagues at different levels is important.

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Talk more about frustrations and meet the challenges with strength. Speaking up is very important to create a healthy workplace. A nurturing work culture must respect rights and spread awareness.

  • Counseling

Visiting an occupational therapist for professional counseling is very important to eliminate work stress efficiently. There will always be challenges in the workplace. Proper management and productivity will automatically reduce stress.

Countering individual problems will escalate the quality of productivity at a micro level. The outcome will be very impressive when these mental issues are encountered via counseling.

  • Human Resource Policies

Every workplace must practice strong HR policies to promote a healthy environment. There should be a ‘no tolerance’ rule for all kinds of discrimination. HR is also responsible to maintain a proper work-life balance.

It is not a one-person job. Workplace anxiety is quite menacing that maims promising employees. Nearly 66% of CEOs remain stressed and 11% find handling challenges overwhelming.

There is something wrong in the work culture in our country that needs to be identified and eradicated right away to promote mental health at workplaces.