What to say when you are asked about your strengths and weaknesses


Talking about ones strengths is easy and weakness is difficult. Nowadays, one of the most common interview questions asked by the interviewer is: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” For most people it might look like a useless question, but the fact says that it’s a very important question for interviewer’s point of view. Candidates either avoid answering such questions or they might fail to respond.

The major reason for asking such questions might be that it directly shows a person’s attributes and habits. The best way to get this question right is by highlighting your skills and positive points. Check out how you can describe your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Learn how to answer this Question

Prepare your answer by adopting the right approach, summarize below.

2. Avoid Putting Blame on Anyone

When you are asked about your weaknesses, remember not to blame anybody. If you are being honest with the recruiter then it’s good for you. But when you are faking the answer remember not to show your negative side to them.

3. Don’t Avoid Answering

If interview has asked you a question then that means you definitely have to respond to it. Don’t try to avoid it as it would build a negative impression on the recruiter. Talk freely about your strengths and weaknesses and especially don’t feel shame in discussing your weaknesses. Because remember your weaknesses are equally important to recruiters.

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4. Select which ones to tell

You might be having a lot of strengths but don’t showcase all of them. Instead choose a few of the strengths which are related to the job profile or which are useful to tell. Select strengths according to your job profile and weaknesses which are not related to your job profile.

5. Be Honest

Be sure to showcase your real self to the recruiters. They should not feel you are giving framed answers. Also if you are honest then you can easily respond to tricky questions they would ask.

Whether you are initiating your answer with your strengths and then weaknesses but always make sure that you are ending the answer in a positive note. Also be confident, attentive and genuine when talking to them. Remember you just have one chance to impress your recruiters.