Why Samsung Emojis Look So Differnet From the Rest Of Smartphones?!


Being an emoji designer is not an easy job. Unicode, the is the monitoring organization that controls the key standard used to digitally encode writing and picks which emojis are needed to be included.

The issue is being governed further by the outsized cultural dominance of one particular  OS: Apple’s iOS.

For example, there was nothing in the description of “Dancer” to indicate it had to be a woman, but when Apple went with a picture of a lady dancer in a bright red dress for the iOS, that came to be the most accepted rendering of it.

But Samsung has been all elusive and out of the crowd when it comes to employment of emojis.

As as matter of fact, Samsung’s emoji designers just decide to go their own way, no matter what Android-creator Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter prefer to do with the emojis.

Here’s a clear demostration of the entire issue.

Person With The Bouncing Ball

Four basketball emoji.

It says it in the name. “Person bouncing ball”. Yes, everyone else read into the name and assumed it was a basketball player and now the emoji has come to be basketball specific, but you don’t get to mess us around like this, guys. Samsung has just bounced the ball with a tad more swag than most of smileys.

Prayer Beads

Six sets of prayer beads.

Every single emoji designer: “We must follow the specific unicode instruction, and create a generalized set of prayer beads so that customers of all faiths and religions can use the emoji.”

But Samsung is like: “It’s a rosary. Period.”


Four ledgers.

Samsung has again done the opposite of everyone else and decided to make its ledger blue rather than yellow because well… it can be blue too.


Four cookie emojis.

Evertone went lets do a regular cookie but Samsung was like, no give some square to it.

But Why?

The one possible reason here can be that Samsung decided not to copy Apple (given that it is its prime rival) and deliberately do something different from the rest of the industry to define a unique set of experience for its users and its own brand image.

So now in case someone sends you the disgusting combo of cheese and cookies, now you know what actually happened.

Samsung= #ThugKing