Meet Anvitha Vijay: Who Became an Apple WWDC Developer Just at The Age of 9!


Talent bars no age. And it goes into our genes that only get polished as we grow up. But then there are a few who start blossoming at quite a tense age. Such a rare talent is little Anvitha Vijay with who programs at the tender age of nine and which was brought her recognition, money, credits from Apple Inc. itself, and a promise of a brighter future.

She is a software and application developer and she started her coding when she was just seven. Moreover, it was not just another younger free folk doing some cool things in a void. The quality of her work was so top-notch that it brought her lakhs of money and fame alongside.

Anvitha developed a knack for computers from quite a tender age and learned her coding from the YouTube tutorials.

The first working app that she developed was Smartkins Animal, which was an educational app for children, that allows them to learn the voices and names of over 100 animals. Her next venture was Smartkins Rainbow that helps children to learn colors.

Her app interfaces were so polished that it can put even a full-grown B.Tech grad to shame. Given that she does so without any formal education, makes her even more exquisite to observe.

Turning an idea for an app involves a lot of hard work. There are so many components to building an app, including prototyping, design and wireframing, user interface design and then coding and testing.

-Says Anvitha

She also has been the youngest person to take part in Apple WWDC, the famous and the biggest developer’s conference that Apple Inc. holds every year. Her ventures and her age turned my eyes and she received distinct appreciation from the tech giant as well.

To amuse you, even more, wonder what normal kids do in their summer holidays? Play around, go to trios with parents, have summer camps etc. right? But in her summer vacations, Anitha designed an application called Goals Hi for which she received prize money of $10,000. Got anything to say more?

This little developer continues to work even more and harder and her ultimate dream is to become one of the most famous industrialists one day in future.

And we can only say all-the-best to such exceptional talent!