Six ways to make yourself pay ’Raise-Worthy’


Everyone out here works to get paid a handsome salary and to lead a peaceful living. Face it- no this is just not the case. You don’t earn to just pay your bills, there’s more in the list! So unless you have recently retired, or won a lottery, there are meagre chances that you are moving ahead with your career choices with consistently increasing responsibilities and increased salary. No one out here wants to be an ‘assistant” forever.
This is exactly where we would like to guide you through making the leap into a more lucrative position? Here are some professional tips to help you land a higher paying job.

-Smart Networking- To begin with, check your social media associations with people whom you would like to work with. Try and build up casual connections with them. “Connect and request an espresso meeting or a snappy telephone call.” In case you want to change or switch from your present job, look for connections in the same field and begin your networking and social outings with them Intimate them about your strengths and build onto healthy relations with them.