Questions To Always Ask Your Boss about New Assignments


With the end of the meeting, you are assigned to a new project. But you are very much ambiguous about several aspects of it. It would be ideal if you were presented with all the details however this doesn’t really happen. You surely do not want to end up failing in completing the work or not getting the desired results.

Here are few questions to ask your manager when you are being assigned to a project with little or absolutely no instructions. You look more indulged to the manager and moreover can cut you some slack.

By when is the due for it?

For you to prioritize your work, knowing if the work is due at the end of the day, or in a month or next year is crucial. Perhaps there are certain things needing to be finished off quickly while other things can be done with lenient deadlines. You cannot run around assumptions and drop important work over the given project that has a lenient deadline. At the same time, you don’t want to assume it is not urgent.

Is there someone who I should talk to about this?

There may be others who have worked on similar or the same project. Perhaps they can help you know where you should pick up from. There may be techniques they tried that did not work out which will be useful to know so you do not waste time on trying the same. Or surely they may have some tips to share.

If there is a big project, splitting the workload with someone else at work is always a good option. You can ask for someone who can be collaborating with you on the project.

Or maybe, there is someone or some department you need to take approval of.

Why do I have to do this?

No, you are not asking this because you are not happy with the work given or being snarky. Every project has a purpose which should be clear for the person who is conducting it. This will bring more value to the work. How will the project help you with your title? How does it help the company? So, you know the value you will be bringing by completing the project. Who or what are your targets? etc.

What are the expectations from me?

At times when your manager hands you a project, they themselves have certain things concerning the same project on their to-do list. You don’t want to waste time doing the same thing as them or completely miss out and panic that you weren’t able to do something of which things were already taken care of.

A manager has a lot going on their mind, loads on their plate to finish off. Perhaps they are not so good in laying out the project details. Hence the great part of your responsibility is to be asking questions that will give you the accurate information needed. This will help you find surefire success on the work project.