Practiced Archery with Bamboo Sticks, Now the World’s #02 Woman Archer: Deepika Kumari


Deepika Kumari’s journey is an inspiring story of an individual fighting her way to becoming the top most archer in the world.

Deepika Kumari was born to Shivnarayan Mahato, an auto-rickshaw driver and Geeta Mahato, a nurse in Ranchi Medical College, at Ranchi (Guess, Ranchi has a lot more than just M.S. Dhoni)

Deepika’s family was not well to do. The annual income of Deepika’s family was even less that the monthly income of an average government employee. With just or less than INR 30,000 a year, Deepika was from one of those below poverty level families.
But, money doesn’t produce talent. Deepika was interested in archery since her very childhood.
But, her family was unable to fetch the professional training because of the lack of money. So, Deepika started practicing archery with home-made bamboo bows and arrows.

Observing her talent closely, Deepika’s cousin Vidya kumari came to her help and invested on her skills further.

Deepika made her first significant media highlight in 2005 when she entered Arjun Archery Academy, an institute set up by Government of Jharkhand.
However, it was in 2006 when her professional archery career began with her entrance in the Tata Archery Academy.

In TAA, she was, for the first time, introduced to professional equipment and uniforms.

She won the Cadet World Championship in November 2009.

Later, she won the junior compound competition at 2006 Archery World Cup, Mexico.

She also won the 11th Youth World Archery Championship held in Ogden, United States when she was just fifteen.

In Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010, Deepika has won 2 gold medals, one in a singles event and other in a team recurve.

And, in 2012, Deepika won her first World Cup gold in Turkey. Deepika Kumari was then felicitated with the Arjuna Award, India’s second highest honor in sports, in the same year.

Deepika had nothing except her exceptional talent and sheer determination to follow her passion. She proved that no town, family background, facilities or social matters when it is about winning. The only thing that matters is your willpower and die-hard attitude towards the challenges you face.

Today, Deepika is the #02 woman archer in the world and is also listed in ’30 under 30′ list of Forbes.