Players En-cashed GTA Online Glitch Using A Loophole, Earned Millions In No Time


The online players found a trick, rather a glitch, with which they made thousands of dollars playing the game GTA Online. They utilized the character named Lester in the game and made a huge pile of money in no time.

Lester GTA online glitch

Grand Theft Auto, probably the most heard syllables in the entire world. Youngsters consider this game as their poison. The players discovered a unique loophole and made easy money. Soon, the trick got popular and everyone started to utilize it to earn some cash right away.

The conventional way

GTA Online is one of the most popular gaming platforms where players log in to call the mentioned character and request to deliver an airplane. The order comes with a default clause which states that if the delivery does not arrive, the allotted fee will be refunded.

What actually happened?

The smart players found a glitch in the system. They exploited the clause and received a huge pile of money in no time. The amount ranged up to US$ 2000 in a few seconds. Fans were enthralled about the glitch. The social media platforms were filled with funny stories and memes including Lester.

The reason behind the glitch

As per the analysis by Tezfun2, a popular gaming figure, and GTA data miner, the loophole worked when the players messed with the scripting of Lester. The character was supposed to deliver an airplane from Southern San Andreas Airport. What the players did was they parked their respective cars inside a hangar where a plane is already there.

GTA Glitch online Lester Unlimited cash

The players then called Lester for the delivery by constantly hitting the gas pedal simultaneously. The parked car was in the spawn location in the hangar that automatically stopped the delivery to be accomplished. Immediately, money started rolling in their account.

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The players went frenzy and started to chill at the same spot together earning easy cash by exploiting the loophole.

What did Rockstar do?

Rockstar, the owner of GTA and GTA Online portal, fixed the glitch by releasing a patch. It figured out the corrupted part of the data. The transfer loop was made impossible to penetrate.

It didn’t work

The funny part is that the glitch was not fixed. After the correction was implemented by Rockstar, the smart gamers easily figured out another way to cash in the loophole. They again blocked the spawning locations of the plane with a Mobile Operations Center. Once order placed to Lester via a call, he was unable to make the delivery. Easy money started to flow in the accounts of the players.

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Rockstar’s reaction

Rockstar finally omitted the fee requirement for the delivery and installed a cure. If there is no fee, there will be no refund in the clause. The fans were upset. Tezfun2 said that this bug existed for years and was discovered recently. There might be many more bugs left unearthed by the players and fans.

Fans rolled their sleeves and Rockstar is getting ready for future actions.