Phrases Your Boss Wants To Badly Hear From You


We all have bosses at work and most of the time we look up to them for all possible answers. Our expectations from our boss are that they will help us, guide us, direct and be our mentors.

But, they are also humans like us and don’t have the solutions for all. They need our help too. However, only the best leaders are able to ask for it. But why should you wait to be asked?

Here are the phrases which are exactly what bosses are craving to hear from you.

‘I’ve got this’

Managers have higher ups of their own and perhaps some new ones. The new players might be demanding with different expectations and probably your manager doesn’t know how to manage their requests. Perhaps she isn’t familiar with the kind of work you used to handle. What do you do? Simply offer to help.

A succeeding boss knows that they have to set priorities and for which they might have to let go of some projects or hand them off to someone, like you. But, by doing so they might find themselves as being obsolete. But offer them help anyway.

Telling her you can handle it will give her the affirmation and confidence she needs to allow you to run a project. It builds credibility towards you and gives you a chance to show off your skills.

‘It’s my fault’

It is intimidating to own up to something that went wrong. It is more likely that people are not held accountable or refuse to be and play the blame game. There is a fear of retaliation but doesn’t usually work that way. In case you are in a work culture that follows the idea you might want to reconsider the company and job all over.

But after considering all points taking responsibility for something that damaged your company will build you a reputation of a leader. Leaders consider failure as a learning process. And eventually, stepping up to accept your own mistakes displays great courage and a promising character.

You don’t want to be guilty and regret stuff when it is too late. This action will definitely make your boss praise you in the next report (and not punish you).

‘I disagree because’

There are many events where you and your boss will have distinct opinions and perspective and would end up disagreeing with each other. However, he is far better off with a team of “yes” men and women. He needs a team that is not afraid to speak up.

You were hired for your knowledge and judgment. So respectfully speak your mind out when you are trying to find betterment of your team and the company. A true leader will appreciate and respect you back.

‘I’ll volunteer’

There are so many times your boss looks at disinterested employee’s faces who would like to do the minimum. It would be so refreshing for them to see someone volunteer for a project. This gives you the chance of grabbing new opportunities at the same time makes you credible in front of the boss.

‘Can I Help?’

How soothing it must sound to a boss’s ears. Bosses have overflowing work they need to handle in the middle of a shortage of time and resources. This is also another way of asking if they are okay. You earn their trust and they feel like they are not alone and that they have people who got their back.

It is easy to keep your head down and say nothing. The challenging and proactive part is to implement these phrases with your boss.