OnePlus And Xiaomi Smartphones Emit The Highest Radiations, Samsung Still A Better Alternative


Today, smartphones have become an essential part of everyday life. Although the radiation emitted from this smartphone is quite harmful to health, people still use this smartphone for most of the time ignoring this fact. Recently there has been a report which is very shocking. The Chinese company Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones emit out the highest harmful radiations for the human body, while the lowest radiation is emitted by Samsung’s phones. This data is provided by the governing research of Germany’s Federal Office of Radiation Protection. This research agency has provided the list of smartphones emitting the highest and lowest radiations.

The list of 16 smartphones emitting the highest quantity of radiation includes big smartphone brands such as Xiamoi, HTC, Google, OnePlus, Apple, ZTE and Sony. Top 5 smartphones in this list hold two-fourths of Xiamoi and OnePlus smartphones. MI A1 ranked on first, OnePlus 5T on second, Mi Max3 on the third position, and OnePlus 6T on the fourth, while the 5th position is captured by HTC U12 Life Smartphone. Famous brand Apple’s iPhone is placed at 7 and 9 in this list, whose SAR is 1.38 W / kg, while the 14th number is iPhone 8 which is SAR 1.32 W / kg.

At the same time, the lowest radiation is emitted out by Samsung smartphones. The list of 16 lowest radiation emitting smartphones includes 8 phones which alone belongs to Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in the first position, whose SpecificAbsorption Rate(SAR) is 0.17 W / kg. ZTE Axon Elite is second on the list, LG G7 on the third, Samsung Galaxy A8 at fourth, and Samsung Galaxy S8 placed at number fifth.

The radiation emitted by mobile phones is called a specific amount of absorption rate (SAR) and the number of radiations is measured in kilograms per watts. In the India standard unit. The limit of SAR has been fixed at 1.60 W / kg, while smartphone brands like MI and onePlus 5T is producing 1.75 W / kg and 1.68 W / kg respectively.

In order to check how much radiation is emitted out from your mobile phone, the user can dial “* # 07 #”. After dialling this code, all the data related to radiations will be displayed on your screen. If your smartphone’s SAR is more than 1.6 watts per kilo, you should consider changing your smartphone. There have been many studies in the past that claims that the radiations emitted from smartphones is very dangerous to humans and it promotes and develops cancerous cells in the body.