Now Users Won’t Be Able To Take Screenshot Of WhatsApp Chats


The instant messaging app WhatsApp is testing many new features for its users. It includes igniting archive chats, separate app for iPad, others with new audio attachment. According to a new report, under the Android Beta version 2.19.106, WhatsApp is working to make its platform even better. Instant messaging app WhatsApp is going to give a special security feature to its users soon. The news is that this feature will be used on taking screenshots of chatting.

According to the report, there is a feature of blocking screenshots in WhatsApp. This type of feature is already available in “Secure Instant Messaging App Signal.”ONT This app is considered as the world’s most secure instant messaging platform. Under the Signal App feature, if you are chatting with someone and on the other hand takes a screenshot of chat then you get a notification and know that a screenshot has been taken.

WhatsApp was the most responsible application for spreading fake news reports. After this, the company launched one security features after one in which the option for Delete for everyone was added. Now WhatsApp is going to give a feature of blocking screenshots. If WhatsApp comes with a feature to block screenshots, then it would be much better for the user’s privacy. Let us know, this feature has not come in the beta version yet. There is no indication of how long it will reach these users.Instagram Facebook WhatsApp

Speaking of WhatsApp’s second major feature, Android users will soon get the feature of biometric authentication. Under this, users will be able to unlock Whatsapp from the fingerprint scanner. Whatsapp has already supported fingerprint and face ID for the iPhone. Users will not be able to take screenshots of Whatsapp chat after using this alleged authentication feature of WhatsApp. Not only that the receiver of a message will not be able to take a screenshot.whatsapp fake news

WhatsApp is working to improve the authentication feature. If this feature is present then you will not be able to take a screenshot of your chat in the coming feature. Earlier, a report had revealed that the audio picker feature has been provided with iPad support. It is available on the beta version of the iOS platform. Split screen and landscape mode will also be supported in this update. According to the information given on WABetaInfo, the company is changing the interface of its audio picker feature.whatsapp-fake-news

Earlier, Whatsapp had launched two of its features ‘Forwarding Info’ and ‘Frequently Forwarded’ on its platform. In this feature, ‘Frequently Forwarded’ will appear with the message that has been forwarded more than 4 times. These attempts by Whatsapp has been made to make the privacy of the user much more stronger.