New 50 Rupees Note Signed By New Governer Issued By RBI


Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in an official report informed that it will bring new notes of Rs 50 in circulation. In these new notes, the sign of RBI governor Shaktikanta Das will be there. The RBI will issue notes containing Mahatma Gandhi Series worth Rs 50. The color of the new note is fluorescent blue and in between, there will be a picture of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi’s notes of Rs 50 in the old series are still in use and on the back of them is the shape of ‘Hampi with chariots’. RBI in a twitter post gave this information about new note on 16th April 2019.

The design of these notes will be similar to the notes of Mahatma Gandhi’s new series of 50 rupees. RBI said, “All notes of Rs 50 issued in the past will remain in the currency.” It is worth noting that after demonetization, new notes of 2000, 500, 200, 100, 50 and 10 rupees were issued by the RBI. Notes worth Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were made invalid onAugust 2017, which was then 86 percent of the currency in the market at that time.

At present, a note of 50 rupees is signed by former RBI governor Urjit Patel, who will not be on new notes. These new notes of Rs 50 will also be released in the Mahatma Gandhi series. There will be only one change in the new notes, it is the RBI governor’s signature. Earlier, nearly two years after the ban on India, on August 18, 2018, the Reserve Bank issued fresh blue colored 50 rupees notes. The note is also of Mahatma Gandhi series, behind which is the picture of the temple of Hampi with the chariot. The design of new notes will be similar to the present 50 rupees notes in circulation.

Who is Shaktikanta Das?

Shaktikanta Das is the 25th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Das is a retired IAS officer of the 1980 batch, who has also been a member of the Finance Commission of India earlier. After the resignation of Urjit Patel, he was made Governor of Reserve Bank in December 2018. During his career as an IAS officer, he worked in different positions for Indian and Tamil Nadu Governments.