Surpassing Bill Gates, The Bitcoin Creator Anticipated To Become The First Trillionaire On Earth!


The basic conceptualization of bitcoin has been like… no jurisdiction and make on solid impact on every. So, if bitcoin is somewhat we can mock as Batman, its founder surely could be called the Bruce Wayne of the real world!

And this became pretty evident when the worth of a single bitcoin tripled the milestone of $10,000 at the point of last month, the world started freaking out a bit concerning how wild the digital currency had grown since its first introduction to the world in January 2009.

A lot of people felt retarded for not having invested all those years ago upon first hearing about it. And, someone was also reported to have invested two bitcoins in a pizza delivery. Well… condolences.

The word about bitcoin is that no-one really recognizes what it is or where it’ll go, but that there are a lot of people becoming markedly loaded from the decentralised cryptocurrency.  And now, speculators have anticipated that the richest of them all is plausible to be the very originator of bitcoin, and is all set to become the world’s preeminent trillionaire.

So who is he?

Well, no-one surprisingly knows anything about him, except a name: Satoshi Nakamoto.

(Batman enough, eh?)

Well, not too sure, could be a Batgirl too because Nakamoto is generally known as a masculine Japanese name, but he could just as well be a woman or maybe even a group of people.

Surprisingly, they could be dead too– as no-one’s has heard from the master since his last email to previous bitcoin developer Mike Hearn in 2011.

But what we do know for sure, is that Nakamoto has never used a single one of the lofty amount of bitcoins he holds, which is reckoned to be around 1 million.

Therefore, the current price of bitcoin (ranging above $17,000), makes Nakamoto have a neat $17 billion inside his pocket.

And that would present him as the 52nd richest person in the world right now to enter the Forbes’ cultured list of billionaires. So, yes. He’s already extremely rich, all because he started this strange tiny coin-mining miracle some nine years ago.

But there’s a bit of a predicament for Nakamoto. A lot of analysts agree that if he moves his gigantic fortune, selling just a portion of one of his many bitcoins, it could prompt some severe waves in the currency that might make the whole possession crash.

So even if he does grow as the first trillionaire on earth, looks like it’ll be astonishingly perilous for him to cash in. So, the best chance he is having is to sit back and vow not to kill his currency by spending even an inch of it- and watch it grow as we all are doing.


Image Source: Time