Mumbai Experiences Rain-Brain-Drain



Mumbai is currently struck by terrible rains and yet another time, the weather seems to challenge the city. The 2005 Mumbai floods left an imprint in the minds of people. Today, Mumbai is experiencing a similar situation and maybe even worse is yet to come. It was all hunky-dory in the morning and people stuck to their daily routine. It was only post afternoon, people started realizing the tenacity of the problem.

“My daughter was discharged from school at 12.30 in the noon. Thankfully, she is accompanied by a group of kids. It’s more than six hours that their car is stuck in traffic. I am very much worried for the kids and I must say they all are very brave” 

The situation became worse when Mumbai lost it’s lifeline, the local trains. It became practically impossible to take a train towards your destination. Slowly, people started using the power of technology and relied on Ola and Uber cabs. After 3 hours, when God didn’t stop showering Mumbai, the situation got serious. Later in the noon, the internet started flooding with the rail and traffic news. Now Facebook and Whats App notifications were full of Help Line numbers and awareness message about the RED ALERT.

“I have only spent a month in Mumbai and I feel that this metro city has welcomed me with some pains in the rains. I have got an opportunity to face risks and adventure at the same time.” 

People started connecting to their friends and family. A feeling of concern for the others started erupting within. People who have never spoken to each other were now concerned and consoling each other. Mumbai seems to have a spirit which is worth saluting. But now, let’s pray for the limping Mumbai and people who are stuck.

“Tree branch just fell on my ola car. just escaped the death. My hands are literally shivering. People please go home. I am stuck since 3 hours. Nowhere to go. Trains are shut and roads are block.”

Mumbaikars were awaiting this day with eager, because some were biding a good bye to their ‘Ganpati Bappa’. Well, Bappa seems to have blessed Mumbai wholeheartedly this year (pun intended). Corporate Bytes requests people who are safe to lend a helping hand those stuck because the true essence of worshiping god lies in helping others and being kind.

“It has been four hours my parents, my pet and I are stuck in traffic at Dadar. We were on our way to Nair Hospital for my dad’s ongoing cancer treatment and now, we are out of basic items. Can anyone help my parents and my pet to get a shelter? It’ll be more than a favour”