Google’s 2017 List Of Most Searched Indian Smartphones Is Here!


As Google announced its 2017 most-searched list, the second part of that come off late which included India’s most searched smartphones of 2017. However, unlike every year there’s no Samsung or Sony on the list. Let’s have a look:

#01 Apple iPhone 8

It was obvious that the entire internet broke with iPhone 8’s release. Good or bad, liked or disliked, everyone was talking about it. An expected and clear winner.

#02 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

A major market-killer, and a beast for what was on papers and performance. This flagship of Xiaomi got everyone high on interest.

#03 Jio Mobile

Free 4G VoLTE under 2k  plus the Jio hype. Definitely, India searched the most for it.

#04 Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Thew rival to any flagship out there this phone became a bestseller in no time. The hype made everyone go gaga upon its release and on Google too.

#05 One Plus 5

The flagship killer. All of us at least once did search for it. And that made it grab the spot on this list of Google.

#06 Apple iPhone X

It was expected to rank higher but the late release and polarized reviews (also, the overpricing) made it less popular among the economic class of buyers.

#07 Nokia 6

Nokia’s resurrection and the first original Android flagship. Who won’t search for its merit on the web?

#08 Vivo V5 & V7 Plus

The moonlight selfie ads by none other than Ranveer Singh had us all amused, to say the least.