Moments That Can Make or Break Your Career


On a daily basis what you do from 9 to 5 may not seem to amount to much. However, there are moments in every individual’s career that can make or break their entire work life. It is best to know them and be prepared and understand the importance of those moments so you are able to make your career and not break it.

Here are five such moments that can make or break your career and how to make it beneficial.

First one on one meeting with your new boss

When you have your first meeting with your new boss and one on one you get the feeling of walking into the principal’s office. You feel like there cant be any good coming out of the moment.

But hold on to the thought, the first private meeting with your boss has the ability to set the tone for how you two work together and it becomes a chance to learn what is important to your boss and ensure that you are able to meet or exceed his or her expectations. And so it is important to have this moment in your life and so be sure to arrange a meeting if your boss doesn’t initiate one.

First “yes” moment

There comes a time in every employee’s life when the boss isn’t available to do their work and they will ask you to step up and take over. You are sure as hell are intimidated and feel like saying no, no. But if you want the best in your career grab the opportunity and say yes. These are the things that scare you and by saying yes you will be challenging yourself and that’s exactly when you will find significant career changes.

First, screw up

Your first screw up may make you scared as you think it can break your career immediately. But we all make mistakes. Before trying to fix the problem or worse sweep it under the carpet, run your best solution to a trusted employee.

You may even need to check with your senior in case there a big problem. Admitting your fault is rather safe and it is better to know what you plan on doing to rectify your mistake. When you bring your mistake to the attention of the appropriate leadership you accept your mistake and show full responsibility.

The first time you quit a job

The chances of you not staying in the same position or with the same company forever is high and there’ll be a day you will quit your first job. However, you have to keep things professional. You should tell anyone else about the news till your manager knows. Give your company an adequate amount of notice such as two weeks or more.

Never use a complaint or anything negative to quit your job. You shouldn’t be burning bridges and hurt your reputation. Instead, be grateful for the opportunity and leave things there. Ask your manager when your resignation will be announced or if you can notify your coworkers and clients.

The first time you hire someone

When you are able to work your way up in the corporate ladder, you will eventually find yourself in a position where you can hire someone for the first time. It is exciting to in charge of hiring someone. However, it also means that the management trusts in your judgment of character and skills.

If a person you hire turns out to be a terrible team member or quits within a month all the fingers will blame you. And so you have to make the decision very wisely and carefully. You can even ask for help so you don’t end up regretting a new hire.