Men Should Avoid Making These Fashion Mistakes at Work


Your professionalism at work is determined greatly by the way you dress to work. You may not realize but it can make you either look sloppy and irresponsible or totally smart and reliable. So it is essential for you to put in some efforts to dress the right way for work. There are some fashion blunders men make while dressing for work that is unintentional.

Here is a list of the disastrous fashion mistakes you should avoid making at work.

Sloppy pants

You are highly judged by competitive employees and your bosses on different factors. One major one being the way you dress. Wearing ill-fitted pants that are either too tight or shapeless gives a vibe of a sloppy worker. Get your trousers tailor made which fits your body and accentuates the shape.


Seriously are you still in college? You look immature, and even a hippie carrying a backpack. Something that is not appreciated in the corporate world. Get yourself a briefcase or a formal men’s handbag which are more practical and make you look way smart and professional.


You may be someone who loves piercings and other sorts of jewelry but keep them for your personal outings. Unnecessary accessories like rings, chains etc shows your ignorance towards professional dressing. A classic watch and cufflinks are useful and the only accessories that are allowed for professional dressing.

Too much perfume

Men should smell good, but not so much to destroy one’s ability to smell. Don’t shower with your cologne, a few sprays at the right place is enough to smell good. The people around your coworkers, bosses or employees need to breathe fresh air, not the perfumed air.


You maybe having Monday blues or are just lazy and wear your sneakers hoping that it will go unnoticed. When you walk into a conference room such details are hard to be ignored. If you wish to go sockless you can go smart by wearing formal loafers or saddle shoes.

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