The Little Milestones at Work You Should Certainly Celebrate


You are endeavoring towards your work goals. Perhaps it is to make into the list of quarterly appraisals, or for a yearly bonus, or maybe for the first big promotion, or maybe to attend a significant conference with your boss that you had requested him to attend along with.

Clearly, these are some major goals and it really is productive to be boosted about achieving these goals. However, it is not just the big goals you should always be excited about. There are many little milestones that you definitely miss, worth celebrating for. These could occur in a week or a month and are the little steps to your big achievements.

Every day, start recognizing your own hard work that you are doing. Here is a list of little milestones to start with.

Meeting your monthly goals

Start setting monthly goals for yourself. It could be about learning the new skill that you are lacking at or perhaps networking with new contacts. Your small goals as these become measurable upon achieving with such time restricted professional development. And it makes you appreciate your improvement and celebrate for the same.

Being Praised

There is a notable importance to positive feedbacks at work. Start saving those emails with praises from your clients or colleagues for a well-done work. This definitely makes you happy and calls for a little celebration. This list can be very beneficial in the future to ask for raise for your good work or to display to prospective companies your strengths.

Being Asked for Advice

If you are asked by a colleague to give your opinion on something or asks for your advice, it is indeed an achievement. It may feel nonrelevant or nothing at the moment. But you just found out with this that your colleagues value your opinion. It speaks high of how they perceive about you and that your contribution to them will be impactful.

Receiving Gratitude

Clients, colleagues or sometimes even higher ups may be grateful for the work you did for them that directly or indirectly acquired a notable end result. It is always good to save those thank you emails for coming back to when you are not feeling up to the mark anytime, and know that it is not just the major accomplishments that keep you going. It is also because it makes a difference for others.

Helped Others

You lately are involved in supporting a colleague to take their work assignments to a new level. Perhaps you helped out or resolved a client’s problem. Maybe you did something out of your job role to help your boss in gathering a much-awaited data. Just take a minute to view it from a perspective where you are happy to help and grow alongside others. It is really an achievement to be able to help others in times of despair.