Linq Store: A Start-Up That Gave India 500+ Entrepreneurs In 2017!


An Indian start-up which is based out of Hyderabad, called the Linq Store, has worked wonders in what they do.

Their simplistic concept of being an official offline subsidiary of giant e-commerce and retail industries has created sparks in the franchise sector. The primary key to their rapid rise and success is their association with every store owner and the guidance that they provide to them through their operations for every store.

With their idea of very minimal investment and almost zero inventory, this startup has exposed the low tiered regions of India to a modern digital scenario with their franchised stores. It’s a model that has turned many ordinary people into entrepreneurs of today.

The stereotype thought that only a metropolitan city could give you a good job and career growth is changing. All credits to the LinQ Store that has given this country 500+ entrepreneurs today.

The success stories of a few such are listed below:

1. Raju Mirayalguda

#1 Raju Mirayalguda  

An accountant for 13 consecutive years, Raju Mirayalguda from Andhra Pradesh wasn’t expecting much from his life while earning 15,000 Rs per month. Raju always wanted to be a businessman, but because he wasn’t educated enough, he was a bit hesitant. One day, he met his old friend who changed his life forever. His friend was the proud owner of LinQ Store, and he explained to him that how easily Raju’s dream to be a businessman can come true with LinQ Store. He followed the same path, and now Raju earns almost 40,000 Rs per month that has made all his worries go away.

2. P. Markhandayalu

#2 P. Markhandayalu 

Hard working son of a farmer, Mark only had one dream in his life, and that was education. He studied hard and became the head of computer science department in a reputed college. However, Mark wasn’t satisfied with his life as he eagerly wanted to go into the field of E-commerce. One day, he came across LinQ Store’s post on Facebook about their franchise, and he instantly decided to give it a try. Despite his father’s unwillingness, Mark left his job.

Today, in Puttur of Andhra Pradesh, Mark’s father is the first person who you’ll find boasting about his successful businessman son.

3. Shaik Khasim

#3 Shaik Khasim

As an employee of LinQ itself, Shaik was influenced and encouraged by other store owners. At the age of 22, he opened the first LinQ store in the town that helped him earn five times more than his colleagues. As he was an employee of LinQ Store before, he knew about the operations so immensely, that he soon became the best store owners among LinQ Store community. He is willing to expand his business in near future.

4. Anil Peruri 

#4 Anil Peruri 

One of the youngest store owners, Anil always believed in the business concept. At his younger age, Anil lost his father, and his mother was the only person to take care of three sons she had. She ran a tiffin shop 30 km away from the town.

Anil, after completing his studies moved to Hyderabad in search of a good job, but time passed, and he couldn’t find one job that could help him to fulfil necessities of life. He was depressed.

On a fortunate day, Anil came across a video about LinQ Store on Facebook; it was then when he decided to give it a try.

Taking a small loan, Anil became the proud owner of his own business and today, he is not only fulfilling his younger brothers’ educational needs but has also built a home for his mother.