Life Lessons from Bill Gates You Will Never Learn In School


Bill Gates is Microsoft’s co-founder and one of the richest people in the world. He every now and then imparts life nuggets that everyone can learn from. Bill gave a speech at a high school graduation ceremony and through the speech he corrected most of the misconceptions people have about life. He gave a reality check to help them cope with real life after school.

Here are the life lessons from him that one will never learn in school.

Life is not fair and we should get used to it.

Even when you do everything right you might fail; you may be the smartest and hard working person with noble intentions still never get what you wanted. Promotion, success or whatever it is that you think you deserve.

And in the moment when you accept that life will not give you what you actually deserve that’s when it gets easier to bounce back and keep going. You need to learn from the bad situations that occur in life and move on and not sit and sulk over it. And the sooner you practice this, the better benefits you will receive.

No one cares about your self-esteem.

So the world doesn’t care about your self-esteem but wants you to achieve things in life before feeling good about yourself. So start doing something for yourself right away. Anything that you are brushing off should be the idea you get on to get the limelight you have been wanting. You only fail truly if you never try.

No one earns a six figure salary just after school.

The youth these days behave as if the world should bestow opportunities to them just because they showed up. Hard work is the basis to achieve things and gain success and never expect gratitude for it.

In case you thought your teacher was difficult, hold that thought till you meet your boss.

You always hated those times when teacher locked you out of class because you turned up late or feel the deadlines were unreasonable but in the real life you will learn that the boss is 10 times worse. At least teachers are legally instructed to show restraint but the bosses aren’t.

Being told off by a boss will be massively worse and humiliating than your teachers scolding. But this should not scare you off of getting employed but prepare you well to face the difficult people out there. This will encourage you to not have an emotional outbreak at the workplace.

Flipping burgers are not below your dignity.

Bill Gates says that our grandparents had another word for flipping burgers, which was called “opportunity”. So just swallow your pride and take on the job that you feel is beneath you. Everything is a learning experience and stepping stones. There are richest men in the world who had started off as paper boys.

It is not your parent’s fault if you have messed up.

Stop whining about what went wrong and start learning from them. According to Bill Gates, never play the blame game when you mess up and act wisely and take responsibility for your actions. Only then will you deserve the right to success.

Your folks know more than you.

Before leading a family your parents weren’t this boring as they are now. They have become this, by paying bills, tidying and cleaning and listening to you talk how you know more than what they do. So before claiming that you know more than your parents try to figure out your own life first.

The schools might be done with winners and losers but life has not.

There are schools that let students pass the class anyways or at least give you chances until you get the right answer. But it is not the same in life. Only the powerful ones will survive.

But it doesn’t allow you to get to whatever means to achieve success. Have the big picture in your mind. The appropriate thing to do is to try your best and maybe go the extra mile.

Life’s not divided into semesters.

Work won’t give you summer off and your employers are least interested in guiding you to find yourself. The real life doesn’t give you the opportunity to recoup your strength. The life just keeps going on and you are the one who needs to catch up. With this perspective in mind whenever you have a holiday you will start looking it as a time to spend on something that is worthwhile and not just consider it time-off.

The television is not the real life.

Real life means the world where people go to work and earn to build their life and not just sit in the coffee shops. The life that you watch on television is always much easier than it is in real life.

You should be nice to nerds.

Possibly you will end up working for one. The bookworm that you pick on every now and then maybe your boss one day so be nice to them.