Learn to introduce yourself in a Job Interview


Interviews for some people are extremely Nerve wracking. No matter how much you prepare, you still get nervous on the day of the Interview. Well, the fact is you are not the only one fighting the battle. Almost every person faces this pre interview nervousness.

Though it’s not possible to eradicate this nervousness but one can go completely prepared for it, which will ultimately boost up the confidence and would help you in giving out the best version of you in the interview.

The first and the foremost thing one should know before going for the interview is that you are not the only person going for the interview. Therefore you need to keep in mind that you will have to make an immediate connection with your interviewers. Now in order to do this, the first thing would be your formal introduction which has to be captivating. Learn how to give your introduction in the interview so as to create a lasting Impression on your hiring team.

Tips to Give a Formal Introduction to your Recruiters:

  1. Do research work about the company:

You might be going for several interviews with different Companies. But this does not give you a license to go unprepared to any interview. Hence before you go for an Interview, remember to check out the overview of the company. You should at least be able to give a brief description of the History of a company and also what their pre set goals are. This will help you convince your employer about your interest in joining the company and you might be an asset for them in future.

2. Reply Brief and up to the point

One should always be aware that the interviewers are taking out time from their busy schedule to hold the interview with you. And therefore be precise and answer what is asked to you, as they should not feel like you have wasted their time. Time management along with Communication skills are the best two qualities needed in every sector.

3. Manners

Remember your interviewers are professionals and have been keen in noticing gestures of every interviewee. Do not let them feel you are getting restless, arrogant, or unapproachable. Instead sit straight and talk with confidence, showing them interest in joining their organization.

4. Don’t disparage your previous organization

Remember you have to be a little diplomatic while talking about your previous organization. As the way you talk about your previous organization would give them an idea on what to expect from you in future.

5. Brief them about yourself:

The often done mistakes by several interviewees are reciting the resume when asked for a self introduction. Remember, they have already read your resume, now they are willing to know something more about you. Start by telling them about your educational qualification, do not name one by one, and instead name a few achievements which directly relate to your job profile.

6. Eye contact:

Even if you have many interviewers in front of you, just try to maintain a firm eye connection with the person who is asking you the questions. Moving your gaze from one to another is not a sign of a confident person.

7. Be courteous :

When you walk into the room, have a courtesy to ask for permission before getting in. Once you get in greet every person in the room. Be polite and keep a smiling face while greeting them.

8. Be presentable:

The first impression about a person is very important in an interview. Even if you are confident about your interview round, you have to be presentable enough about your first impression. Be well dressed, with nice pulled of shirt and hair tied up neatly giving you a fresh look.

9. The first 30 Seconds:

The first 30 seconds are really crucial and within these 30 seconds you can make or break your interview. So within 30 seconds, charm your interviewers and get them interested in knowing more about you.