Learn How to answer brainteaser interview questions Easily


Normally the interviewers and recruiters ask brainteaser to check how much the candidate is able to solve. These show the potential and how capable is the candidate in solving the problem. Interviewers can also ask brain teasers instead of asking behavioral questions.

Employer who is asking brain teasers means he is more interested in creativity and methodology. A brain teaser asked unexpectedly would reveal much about general intelligence of a candidate, and if you are struggling with brain teasers then that would mean you will struggle in the job once appointed.

In a business, brainteasers are used to assess characteristics such as capability to solve problems, communication skills, confidence, response to uncertainty, identifying relevant information, and your thought process.

Approaching a Brain teaser question:

While there are no right or wrong questions to a lot of brain teasers, but you can provide proper response to it without panicking. Some strategies can help you answer brain teaser questions with confidence. These strategies include:

  • Listening to the question and structuring your answer in your head
  • If you are confused about something, ask for clarification. If you fail to hear or understand the question you can end up interpreting a wrong answer.
  • Basing your response on assumptions or estimates if needed. Emphasize on your thought process rather than the final result.

Tips and tricks to use for solving brain teasers:

Brain teasers are scary enough and especially when it comes up suddenly. But here are some tricks which would help you get through these.

  1. While going for the interview, take along a pen and a paper with you. But do ask before the interview if you can use it. Always jot down whatever the interviewer asks. Making notes may help you with your thought pattern and response.

2. Relax yourself because getting flustered by their questions won’t help. Therefore stay calm and attentive.

3. Any answer is better than none; hence try responding to questions with full confidence.

4. If you are thinking about the answer in your mind then try to speak whatever you are thinking. Let the interviewers know what and how you think and finally reach some decision.

Although these type of teasers are no more asked by the companies, but some still use them as a way to test your skills and to throw something unforeseen during the interview procedure. This is a great step for filtering out candidates for the interview round.