Did you know these surprising things you can do with Google Search


Google surfing is one of the pass times for most of the people around the world. It’s a place where one can search for anything and everything. Sometimes whatever we are looking for is easily found and sometimes it takes special syntax and a little digging to find exactly what you are looking for.

Google search is a major source for discovery with a trends page that will show you what others have been searching. This search engine also has a few additional features such as, consignment tracking, currency conversions, so as to save people from a few more clicks to a third party website.

Emphasize certain words and block others:

People think searching a word would give below all the related searches. But it’s not correct, putting a plus (+) sign in front of certain words would help emphasize that word so that you can get better results. Adding a plus sign tells Google that the word is important. You can also add a minus (-) sign when you are willing to exclude any word from the search result.

Add a quotation mark around the phrase:

Now if you want something specific you can put that phrase in quotes. This would signify that you want results with those words in the same order. Putting into quotes also gives out results of websites or publications that might have used this phrase.

Search for phrases even when you don’t know all the words of that phrase:

Have you ever overheard a song somewhere but unable to remember all the lines of that song? Try putting the words you remember in quotes and for the words you don’t remember you can put a star * sign. For example, “all I want is *” the search would automatically surface all the related searches.

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Do two searches at once:

You can search two things at a time by putting an ‘or’ in between searches. This would give you results for both your queries. For example, digital marketing software or online marketing tools.

Specify the website from which you want the results:

You can specify the website and the word you want to search in that website. The word you are searching would appear wherever its mentioned in that website.

Tracking consignment:

One can skip a few steps directly and track a consignment. Just type the consignment number and the courier service. Google will give the result for that consignment.

Check flight status:

This has made it very easy to check the flight status. Type the PNR number, airline name and date, the search engine would directly show results of that flight.