Know How Haldiram Became 3 Billion Dollar Empire


The world’s second-largest snack food company, Kelloggs is preparing to invest in Haldiram, a leading Indian firm that started the business from Bhujia. Starting from a shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan in 1937, the business of Haldiram is currently worth around $ 3 billion dollars.

With a deal with Kellogg, Haldiram is opening three different food divisions. Two out of them are Haldiram Ethnic Foods of Delhi and Haldiram Foods International of Nagpur. They sell in North, West and South India. The value of these two businesses is estimated to be around $ 3 billion (about Rs 20,000 crore). It does not include the cost of the restaurant business.

Haldiram’s business, which became a popular brand across the country was started in Bikaner in the year 1937. Ganga Bhisan Agarwal, who was called “Haldiram” by his mother, learned the recipe of Bhujiya from his aunt. Ganga Gusen used aunt’s trick on the stall of the family located in Bhujia Market, Bikaner and prepared Bhujiya.

Haldiram started his business from a very small level. He went to Kolkata to attend a wedding where the idea of this business came to his mind that a snack shop should open here. This was the first expansion of the business of Bikaner Bhujia. His second generation could not expand this business very much, but his sons Manohar Lal and Shiv Kishan greatly boosted the business greatly and took it to a whole new level. They took this business to Delhi and Nagpur.

Compared to traditional Bhujia, it was a bit thin and crunchy in taste. As a result, this Bhujia became famous in the market. In the name of Dungar Singh of Bikaner, he kept it ‘Dungar saave’. With his new brand, he separated himself from Grandpa’s business and got new heights of business.

Even after many family and business disputes, Haldiram’s business continued to grow spontaneously and started becoming popular in different parts of the world. They took this snack business to Delhi and Nagpur. The shop is located in Chandni Chowk, which is considered as the root of the business. After this, the brand went spreading not only to India but to spread around the world.

Climbing the ladders of success, the country’s well-known food brand Haldiram is known for its pure vegetarian snacks and food. Now the company has brought French cuisine for the Vietnamese people. Haldiram Bakers have purchased the franchises of French famous bakery Brioche Doree.