Perhaps The Most Versatile Actor Alive But Still An Introvert At Heart: Johnny Depp’s Never Known Side Of Life.


The 51-year-old actor named Johnny Depp is perhaps the coolest actors yet alive be it him as The Jack Sparrow (noCaptain Jack Sparrow) or the Clown in Alice in Wonderland, he has aced every damn role with his extraordinary close-to-live acting and kid-like charm.

The actor caters to a fanbase of millions around the globe thanks to his immaculate performing skills, impressing both children and adults alike with his many other unforgettable silver screen roles.

But there is something more hidden behind that wide grin and shining life armor.

Depp wasn’t born to some Hollywood star or neither did he had any support to make it this big in Hollywood. Moreover, Johnny did have a pretty rough childhood and always been a  cynic introvert deep within which he still feels is down there somewhere.

Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, the youngest of four children of Betty Sue Palmer, a waitress, and John Christopher Depp, a civil engineer.

Often in media interactions, he has spoken about how he felt like an outcast during his childhood in Kentucky, and things remained the same when he and his family moved to Florida.

Depp moved frequently during his childhood. He and his siblings lived in more than 20 different places, and finally settling in Miramar, Florida in 1970.

He was always bullied by his schoolmates due to peculiar voice and weird introvert behavior which he exhibited out of fear of crowd.

In 1978, when Depp turned 15, his parents divorced mutually. Depp has said that his domestic violence in his family was common. He has often seen his parents eating each other and in between, it affected his personality even further.

Depp has called his mother an inspiration. Given that she really had a tough time bringing Depp up and has always loved him selflessly. After a few months of her divorce, she had gone broke and so she later married Robert Palmer.

Depp always wanted to make a career in the music industry so only a year after his parents’ divorce, he dropped out of high school to become a rock musician.

He attempted to go back to school two weeks later, but the principal told him to follow his dream of being a musician. He played with The Kids, a band that enjoyed modest local success.

But then he started facing nunerous rejections in Hollywood and eventually he became almost hopeless of any luck there. But he decided to be in the game and continue doing minor stage performances. Suddenly one day during oen of his such stage performances a renowned director offered him to act.

Guess I had good eyes.

-said Depp.

And so out of a sudden, Depp got his first film role in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), in which he played the boyfriend of heroine Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) and one of Freddy Krueger’s victims.

And after several consecutive roles, Depp became a popular teen idol during the late 1980s, when he starred as a police officer who goes on an undercover operation in a high school in the Fox television series 21 Jump Street.

And after a successful run in between, his first major breakthrough came in 2003 when Depp was starred as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s The Pirates Of Carribean franchise, that went on to become his most iconic role till date!

All through his career, Depp has mostly chosen roles which he found interesting, rather than those he thought would succeed at the box office.

Critics have often described Depp’s characters as “iconic loners”.

The superstar has been a 3 times nominee of Academy Awards and the recipient of 1 Golden Globe along with several other awards adding to his brilliant portfolio.

But when asked about his past, Johnny admits that he may not feel as insecure as he used to, but there’s still a sense of doubt of where he fits into society.

I don’t know. I’m still shy and very wary of the world. I felt so out of place growing up that I don’t even know if I knew there was an easier life or a better life to fit into,” he explained to British newspaper The Mirror when asked if he still feels like an outsider.

You grow up a bit damaged and broken and then you have some success, but you don’t know how to feel good about the work you’re doing or the life you’re leading.

But I got lucky. I straightened myself out and got to lead a good life. Things became very easy and you wonder what the hell was the matter with you for so long. I still can’t understand why it was all such a struggle for me.

He adds-

There’s a side of me that would like to stop living like a fugitive – having to sneak into hotels through the kitchen or wear hats and stuff – so I can walk down the street and not create a mob scene. Right now it feels good to be working on different kinds of projects and I guess I’ll keep working as long as the desire is there.

And with that notion, he keeps moving forward as one of the greatest and most versatile Hollywood actors that this world has ever seen. What a swagger of a man indeed!