Intuit is having big plans for the Indian startups


Marianna Tessel, is taking over the CTO role of Intuit in January 2019, says that the company would be looking at the growing startup community in India for expanding their business along with the mid market.


Intuit has been seeing India as a significant market from the investment point as the company eyes it as one of their main development centres.

The company has also declined for disclosing its investment plans for India but also said they would grow aggressively.

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Having nearly 12 million digitally enabled customers, Intuit is looking to develop financial, accounting and tax preparation software for small businesses as well as the accounts and individuals.

Intuit is also planning to launch its flagship product  namely ,QuickBooks which is GST compliant, and will target the SME market.

Tessel even said that, apart from the cloud and the microservices, Intuit will also look at the technologies like conversational UI as it has benefitted lots of customers.


Company is looking as another area i.e. Machine Learning. “Data is a crucial area for us and the customers as well, so we need to look at how to enhance the efficiency in using it,” says Tessel.

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