Your resume was good enough to get you selected on an interview, but still they rejected you. Why? Sometimes, your answers do not satisfy the interviewer. Here are 7 lines that play a major role to force an interviewer not to select you. These lines are usually said by a person during interview.
Before we proceed, can I please know the remuneration you are offering for this position?

Well, in such cases where you are more keen onto your salary part, even before you have had an opportunity to comprehend the set of working responsibilities and whether you fit into it or not, then you are portraying yourself as greedy and unwanted right from the get-go.. While money and perks are vital, never at any point talk about these unless the employer brings it up. By getting some information about money, you’re telling your potential business that the employment is just for the taking from a fiscal point of view and that you are a money-minded person. This may also give them a hint that you are not ready for a long time association, as you will shift if you get higher salary somewhere else.

No personal question please!

Interviewers will undoubtedly ask about your qualification, previous organization and other such things just to have a brief outlook a to will you be a best fit for this position or not. By requesting your interviewer to not get into personal details, you are actually enraging his inquisitiveness towards your personal life.

I’m sorry, this call is really important

In some places and situations, you are required to keep your mobile phone out of your hand. Be it a film theater or your prospective employee meeting, don’t be a prick and get the telephone. Pardoning yourself for doing as such is not going to cut any ice with your interviewer. They have cut out time from their timetable to assess and converse with you. Regard the circumstance and keep your telephone on silent.

Can we please hurry up, I have next awaited scheduling

Alright, you’re desperate for a job. Yet, that doesn’t give you a leeway to filter out your meetings and times as indicated by your impulses. When you are in an interview, you are giving your 100 percent to get into that job, for which you are applying. Moreover, telling your potential boss you have different meetings is disclosing to him that you don’t esteem his organization to take up a vocation there. So truly, why would it be advisable for him to contract you in any case?

Can I have your response on the same please?

Dude wait! Don’t be that impatient and desperate for a job. You are not the sole candidate applying for this position, there are others as well in the same row. Permit time for the interviewer to assess you and leave the meeting on a positive note. Try not to make any sudden motions or give due dates by when you require a positive reaction. This sounds like a sensible thing to do yet trust us, individuals have asked bosses the above question toward the finish of a meeting.

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