India Should Incorporate This Too: These 3 US Companies Redefine Women Safety And Empowerment By Their Innovative Processes!


This is no new phenomenon that events of gender bias, sexual harrasments and women molestation become the headlines of the morning tabloids. The corporate environment’s dark side always lurks and engulfs the secrets that malice the entire canvas of a safe business especially for females.

But on the other hand, these three companies at US are out doing everyone else on the brighter side of scenario.

They are setting global examples in terms of woman safety and empowerment by their unique processes that every other company and country should take notes from, including India:

Catalyst Inc.

Catalyst monitors on three major areas where women empowerment is most evident–

1. Research
2. Training
3. Thought leadership/Govt. Affairs.

They ensure that regular research is conducted in wage-gap, women representation in the boardroom, and mentor-mentee relationships within companies.

The company ensures that women have organizational policies to follow, and senior women members can nominate/select, mentor, and appoint up-coming female associates towards success and value.

This gives them ample room to grow and sustain in the organization along with enhancing the quality and rentention of HR.

37 Angels

This is an innovative startup that empowers women entrepreneurs in its organizational space.

They mentor founders and train early-stage investors in concurrent issues and practices. Their network invests heavily in startups and their board is almost entirely female.

Jessica Brondo, Founder, Admittedly, a founder from their portfolio once said:

Angela and 37 Angels are a breath of fresh air to the venture community in NY. I’ve never met anyone who offered advice so freely through all stages of development and fundraising. Would highly recommend to all other entrepreneurs.

National Association for Female Executives

NAFE is a US-based organization that focuses on women in the workplace from the very foundation of it.

They organize regular events, conduct training sessions and mentor women to become more valuable in the organization, and empower communities through women leadership.